MIXED MEDIA - everything we do, regardless of substrate, is really a mixed media application of materials. The core materials are acrylic paints, oil paints, oil stick/bar and liquid inks. In addition to that some pieces may have charcoal, pure pigments and miscellaneous other materials used in them. CANVAS WORKS - from day one (1996), we have made all stretcher frames in house…we mill the wood, glue and nail and brace the frame. We also stretch (Gallery Wrapped) all of michelle’s canvas’s in house and used a primed canvas in doing so, however, after being stretched, we apply a “super heavy body” gesso to the entire canvas, which gives more depth in the painting process and also provides in tended textures in areas of the piece. Once the painting is complete and dry, we apply to coats of gloss varnish. WORKS ON WOOD - the substrate we use for wood almost 100% of the time is a Birch panel. Typically these do not get the super heavy body gesso, but are painted white first as a base prior to michelle beginning the piece. These are also double varnished after they are complete. The frame we use is usually a quality hardwood or exotic wood. CUT SERIES - my standard “one-liner” on this series…”mixed media on metal floated in clear acrylic utilizing bronze hardware”. The metal we use is steel. We buy in sheets and hand torch the pieces in the studio. This jagged edge in conjunction with the smooth, flame polished edge of the acrylic make a nice contrast and read in this series. Again, these works are double varnished. We developed this series in 2001 and it is indeed a successful series of work .