Lissa Friedman


Lissa Friedman
As a classically trained artist I painted realistic landscapes, still lives, and portraits. I studied at the Art Students League in NYC, and at the San Francisco Art Institute, I won awards, was featured in magazines, and exhibited throughout the US. A few years ago I went through a transformational life change and moved across the country from Florida to CA. I began painting with a wonderful group of artists led by Jerold Turner, and picked up the palette knife. It opened my world, loosened my art, and brought in vivid color. My paintings came to life. From California I came to Asheville, NC and continued to grow. I began painting on silk, which brought more color and a flowing sensuality. And then the most surprising thing happened to me, I began to study and practice Past Life Regression, and Life Between Life Hypnosis. I began to explore other dimensions while deep in a trance state, and I began to facilitate others with their own exploration. Suddenly an urge to express in art what I saw and experienced arose. These new paintings were created from a space of deep listening. I never know what will be created, I am constantly surprised, I have to follow some other sense and discover what is being painted while it’s happening. Sometimes I don’t know what has been created until the painted is done. The most recent shift in my painting is toward abstraction. To paint what I feel directly without using a symbol is quite challenging, and really rewarding. I am falling in love with abstraction.,h_400,c_fill/qvu9ybkpv3jy7epmqwqp.jpg